(1) DRINKERS-- It can be a metal or plastic tool or equipment used in poultry farms to serve water to birds, it comes in many shapes and types.e.g nipple drinker

Poultry farming guide for beginners and intended poultry farmers

POULTRY-- Simply means domesticated fowl or birds.
POULTRY FARMING--This Is a kind of animal rearing or keeping which deals with the raising of domesticated fowl or birds,e.g broilers, ducks, layers, turkeys, etc for the production of poultry meat and eggs for human food and production purposes.


Best biosecurity measures in poultry farming to prevent disease and increased productivity

BIOSECURITY-- Is safety or a precautionary measure taken for the prevention, spread or introduction of harmful organisms in order to stop or reduce the risk of an outbreak of contagious diseases to animals, In poultry farming biosecurity simply means the precautionary measures taken around or in the poultry farm to stop the outbreak, spread and transmission of deadly or harmful disease that will affect the health or growth of the chicken negatively in the farm.

Causes of high mortality in broiler production and solutions to it

MORTALITY IN BROILER -- Is the state of being dead or mortal in broilers production, but mortality is said to be high when the death rate of a certain population of broiler exceeds five to six percent (5-6%) of a given number of broilers in a pen.


Best brooding practices in poultry farming for optimal performance

Brooding in poultry --This Is an act of taking care of newly hatched chicks by providing or supplying their essential needs for optimal performance ranging from required temperature, humidity, lighting, feeding, etc, till when they will be able to regulate their temperature.

Poultry vaccination, causes of vaccination failure, prevention and solutions

  1. VACCINE-- This Is a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or many infections, different than most medicines that treat infections, vaccines prevent an outbreak of infection in animals.

VACCINATION-- This Is a prevention method with a vaccine to produce immunity against infection or diseases.


How to manage heat stress in poultry for optimal performance and increased productivity

Heat stress in poultry is a condition that affects chickens and turkeys and is caused by high ambient temperatures, high relative humidity, and low airspeed in the poultry enclosure, which makes it difficult for the birds to balance their body heat production and loss.

How to keep multiplying your lacto-fermentation?

When you filter a portion of fermented feed from your bowl, replace it with an equal quantity of dry feedback. Give it a good stir, cover it, and strain it again the next day.


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