15 Ways To Create Multiple Online Source Of Income In Nigeria

15 Ways To Create Multiple Online Source Of Income In Nigeria

It’s unfortunate this thing called civilization is yet to reach its peak, blurring the majority out of an online source of income picture

The most precious resource in life is time, you can’t get back every second but with the internet, you can make more out of the countdown by putting in place sources of income that do not only keep generating you real cash but also on autopilot

Without further ado, why don’t we quickly run through the list of opportunities concisely breakdown into this lowdown

7 benefits of running an internet business

Let’s quickly discuss the amazing benefits of running an online business despite working remotely

  1. You Can Get Started with Little Capital

They always say time is money, creating an online source of income lowers the bar for viable means to juggle more income sources online or side by side with offline jobs

Now, imagine where you have to spend a chunk of money to put each business in place, that is the little but notable difference between online and offline business, like most online sources of income need few resources PC or Smartphone like internet-enabled device, WI-FI and burning desire to succeed.

  1. You Work At Your Own Pace

Here are my few personal opinions on how sexy and attractive it is to work at your own pace

  • You can look over your newborn as long as you desire, missing barely an hour of his/her tender age
  • You don’t take permission from a boss to go pee
  • You don’t get to smile, let alone laugh at horrible jokes from your boss and co-workers
  • You don’t get chastised over dropping in late at work

What else, Get acquainted working remotely to have more control over your life

  1. You're Not Location restricted

How convenient it is to show your real estate client around the rooms, blocks, complex, and lands through a single link

Oh! I was about to forget the online source of income gives the ability to endlessly sell digital products around the world with zero limits, so long you have a reputed checkout system to receive your digital product payment or earnings

  1. No ceiling for your earning potential

I think this is a no-brainer, we all know how hard it is to look your boss straight in the eye for a raise

We all know it’s obvious that 9-5 or most offline businesses don’t smile upon employee salary or job security when the turnover takes a downward trend and doesn’t care about employee existing wages when it shoots for the stars either

In the online business case, your result and output are scalable and it snowballs to something huge over the course of time with proper management in place

  • Social media page is a proof
  • The better result you generate for a client, the higher your charges is a proof
  • Your blog authority is a proof
  • Your publisher’s account authority improvement is a proof
  • Your online stock and bond upward trends are proof

 You just have to get started creating multiple online sources of income early to enjoy the result of compound effects

  1. Your Business Never Close

Your traditional business can stay open for 24 hours straight, just like the internet or online businesses like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and quora but probably with the consequence

Imagine if these businesses open at 6:00 am and close around 4:00 to 6:00 pm like traditional stores and offices, can you phantom how much they’d be leaving on the table?

Sure, your business can’t imbibe the operating model without incurring higher labor costs, utility bills even folding up if the profit doesn’t outwit the expenses

However, you can tap into their system where your business stay up for 24 hours just like the aforementioned businesses and have your client and customer transact with you even without your presence

You can start by creating an effective eCommerce store for your business and a website for your services

It doesn’t hurt also to put your business on the aforementioned platforms leveraging their standby resources for free 

 6. Internet Doesn't Care About Your Race, Age, or Gender

The internet only cares about what you can offer, if you’re selling an herbal ointment, you better make sure it cures the ailment it was designed for in the first place

When you live up to your claims, there’s nothing stopping you from getting rewarded tremendously

There are YouTube star kids doing millions of dollars yearly, underage bloggers pulling in thousands of dollars monthly, influencers from third world countries constantly writing their own paycheck with few social media tweets, reels and posts

Get high demand skills either offline or online, get a good product to exchange for cash, then come online to become unstoppable

7. You Can Easily Outsource Tasks

This insightful bombshell keeps reverberating in my head ever since brad lea, a renowned sales marketer says a client gave him a call and asks for advice to increase his income

In a nutshell, brad told him to teach someone to prospect on his behalf  from Monday through Wednesday while he focus personally on closing clients on Thursday through Sunday, as he was the one handling it all

His profit skyrocketed almost by half in a few weeks of implementation

You can copy and apply the same system in other aspects of life, you should leave the little or less rewarding efforts to people while you focus on the bigger ones

It becomes easier online, as you get highly intellectual people waiting for your green light

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15 Steps to create multiple Online sources of income in Nigeria

  1. Start a Blog

Have you heard anyone talked down on blogging, if you do, listen so well he/she barely knows the concept of starting a successful blog

As of January 2022, Nigeria registered over 100 million active internet users, you need just a little fraction, far lesser than 0.001% of that figure to create a substantial online wealth

You can monetize your blog in various ways [affiliate marketing, selling digital information, your products, selling ad slot, incorporating advertising networks like Adsense, sponsored posts, and many more]

A PC or laptop, internet connection, hard work alongside zeal to succeed are what you need to create a sustainable online source of income that will passively tailor cash into your wallet

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  1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Permit me to ask how much you know about sales, because there’s no other way roundabout this other than to learn and acquire how to persuade people to bring out money from their wallets for your products and services

What type of product and service are we discussing here? Other people’s, affiliate marketing is the art of connecting buyers to sellers for a fee or commission

Affiliate marketing exposes you to a wide market, as you can reach out to any manufacturer, business owner, or artisan to recommend their offers to people, and they’ll gladly welcome you for taking the time to handle their heavy lifting task

Go to a car dealer’s stand, food dealers, or other businesses to discuss your mission and how you want the rewards for your offer, then you just got yourself a job out of nowhere

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  1. Create Info-Products and Online Courses

What do you know that could improve people’s health, relationship, and financial life?

Can you think of solving a problem that keeps people up at night?

Then I will advise you to craft the solution into compelling content, learn sales techniques if you haven’t, then watch how people beg to access the information for the stated price

 What problem can you solve or information that people will pay for? Also, note that you don’t have to be a guru or have all the answers to the problem

You just need to know enough that will move a needle and make a conspicuous remark, then start milking the hell out of it.

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  1. Tap into E-commerce

Info-products and online courses marketing are branches of e-commerce with digital product description

E-commerce simply means exhibiting and marketing either physical or digital products online for more sales

However, it’s popularly known for selling physical products

It’s a highly saturated billion-dollar industry but always gives room for a newbie or aspiring marketers to hop on the wagon and instantly start printing their own money

Why don’t you give it a shot today!

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  1. Create Content for Online Businesses

There are over 2 billion websites on the web as of 2022, content writers are in high demand by businesses than ever before

Do you have content writing skills? Then get your head in the game as it’s another huge industry waiting for you to bleed your thoughts and ideas into word editor for a reasonable cut

If you start reaching out to websites and blogs now, your remote work employment opportunity might be less than a week from now

Get to work! 

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  1. Start Copywriting

Copywriting is not only the art of crafting compelling content to urge and persuade people to reach into their pocket for payment but also the management of businesses and services revenue across the board, from creation or improvement of the offer [what people need] to marketing [message]

As they said, knowing or practicing how to throw a punch doesn’t mean you should pick a fight with someone far greater than you

If you master the difference between content writing and copywriting, the knowledge will swiftly set you free with copywriting alongside compound effects than content writing

Pick books on sales today, follow copywriters and purchase their online courses for the acquisition of copywriting skills that’ll quickly shape your financial dreams into reality via a high-income skill

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  1. Become a self-publisher

I know this part would definitely have existing content writers reconsider upgrading their approach by choosing a more lucrative part, which is throwing more value and quality into their content quality and publishing it as a book, ebook, online courses, magazine, and more.


  1. Start a Podcast

Podcast simply means audio program produced on a regular basis, delivered over the internet in a compressed digital format

People listen to almost everything, so long it’s value-packed [entertaining, educating], you may start one at the corner of your room on literally any niche, then start promoting it on the social media page, under related blog contents, and more

Garner as much as possible followers to monetize the efforts

  1. Start a Vlog

Videos create a deep connection than contextual information, it’s enough reason people watch 1 billion hours of video on the most popular vlog platform [youtube] daily

 If you have a flair for starting a YouTube channel from scratch, then start working on visual content you’d like to delve into against going live with your art

Youtube is far by the most rewarding social platform that literally shares its revenue with its publisher, aside from selling your own craft to consumers

  1. Offer Video Marketing Services

It takes me so long to realize a billion-dollar industry [e-commerce] has a problem but only a few vendors know about it, most don’t

What is the problem? You sure do see TV adverts where the product in question keeps flying around with text, attractive colors, animation, and a little touch of sound effects

My analogy is popularly synonymous with foodies [juice, snack], you can learn this skill [grahic design] within a month, then start keeping a close eye on businesses advert on your Facebook timeline, youtube, Instagram, google

Submit a sample in your outreach for them to see how you can boost their conversion with video marketing, I bet you won’t have a problem getting that “yes”, as it’ll be too glaring and practical to ignore

  1. Run a Membership Website

Are you even aware that there are thousands if not millions of circles on the web but mostly hidden in a plain sight

Yes, there are members of communities where you can’t afford to join without having a little over millions of dollars

Sounds impossible? You’re definitely right, but they all exist so as membership groups where you pay a stipulated amount to retain your membership and even as valuable as if the activeness mistakenly slip off your renewal period, you have to pay more to be reinstated

What if you have something tangible enough to offer, maybe you have been leaving a lot on the table all this while, otherwise, acquire the knowledge to get started at once

12. Sell Your Website Building Skills

Small businesses and organizations need a website, do you have the technical skill to build a website? If not, please do your homework and quickly get on this bandwagon of creating passive income off multiple online sources of income

13. Open a SaaS Business

Software as a service as the name suggests simply means offering software as a service but in application & website

An example of Saas is Netflix, Amazon prime where you pay a monthly fee to access their premium offer

Saas is a capital-intensive business, however, if you have a top-notch programming skill, you can solve a pressing problem for people into a program then start selling weekly, monthly, yearly access

You should know you need a website, mobile application alongside a huge advertisement fund to build your client or customer base

14. Amazon (FBA)

Do you want to tap into hundreds of millions of Amazon customer base? Then Amazon FBA is closely related to e-commerce, the only difference is you have to create an account, send your physical products to Amazon warehouse, then start selling your product to their visitors without worrying much about advertisement fund but allows Amazon FBA to take a cut from sales generated for the gesture

15. Freelance

The popular and general term for selling services in the digital world is freelancing, there are marketplaces for freelancers to earn off their skill

Popular ones with millions of clients searching for freelancers are Upwork and Fiverr

Would you opt-in or learn your craft before jumping on the bandwagon? I’d leave that to you


I’d always remember the Facebook post about Robert Kiyosaki

He says the amount of already circulating information all over the web is maddening, pick the little you need and reflect on it

You don’t need to get yourself overwhelmed with all, strategically handpick one then dedicate at least 3 months to it with zero distraction, and you’ll surely get there

See you on the inside!

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