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How to get more electrical clients and work Featured

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get more electrical clients get more electrical clients
A mason or bricklayer may never be consulted for years, after first project execution Tiler may never be called upon for maintenance for decades The men of the house [child, father] who know how to grasp a hammer could nicely patch the broken window  thus ruining furniture’s chances

How to get more electrical clients and work

However, the electrical project is often left for the professional for safety reasons, no matter the shrewdness of a household

Did I mention electrical projects are subjected to damage within the shortest period of time, from:

  • Flickering of lights
  • Breakers tripping
  • Defected outlet
  • Faulty installations

These create enough room for electricians to keep coming back than other home contractors and technicians

The question is, why do you have little to know clients, with all the advantages

Why weeks of no duty call to keep you financially afloat before the big projects

Use the below electrical marketing tips

Mobile responsive website

The world has already gone digital, tying a website to your electrical business should not only be a basic ingredient but the first project to initiate an online presence

What are the simple elements of clients driven websites?

  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • The clear and active call button
  • List of your electrical services
  • Unique images of your company
  • Your personal story
  • Review or testimonial from existing clients


Social networks are always a rented space, but your website is your property where you host all your credentials, articles, and info with 100% security

Care for a cost-effective electrical website? Let’s set up your professional website today!

Content marketing

This website is a business directory created in mind for you to exhibit & increase your business/service exposure and awareness

However, we created this personalized content to not only educate but primarily convey you to list your electrical service on this platform for more visibility

I hope you catch the message?

The building or creating high-quality content that meets people at their point of need around electricity goes a long way

It attracts more eyes to your website and also establishes trust

What type of content do you need to create?

  • Create content around liable electrical issues
  • Touch almost every industry/structure [home, school, company]
  • Create "howto" guides that show them to fix minor electrical issues

At the end of each article, always add a link to a quote/booking to land the gig either when they’re left hanging in the middle of your tips or when they practically land themselves in a tight spot

Use intermediary

Homeowners are intermediaries for every technician

Local construction companies are intermediaries for technicians

These bridges link or unite you with your ideal clients by establishing a relationship

Reaching out to these guys is called “Networking” in the business/service world

Invite them to special occasions to show how important they are

Treat them as you’d existing clients or a relatives

Work with other artisans

Association brings on participation, stop competing with guilds, collaborate with them

Some are already overbooked, reach out and ask to work with your fellow electricians

You also stand a chance to get referrals from them, and the beauty of it is, you might just add that to your client base thus earning you more future projects

Leverage existing clients

I know you don’t joke with existing clients, most also exchange the gesture too, as you you’re always their go-to guy or pops up each time they think of electrical installation or maintenance

However, you need to ask if you effectively milk this opportunity right under your nose by:

  • Sending out season greetings
  • Reaching out on the phone when accident or disaster struck in their environs
  • Send them a gift on a special day

 You’re not only watering your relationship but also conditioning their subconscious to feel indebted to your efforts

Embrace paid advert

Over half of the world population use the internet, chances are your ideal clients digitally wander most popular search engine like Google to get local or nearby electricians

Hire a Social media expert or learn Google AdWord yourself

Sign up for an account

Generate liable keywords [electrician around your environment, electrical maintenance in your environment]

Link your website, then start sending targeted leads or traffic to your optimized website for deals

PPC [paid per click] advert is the best client’s acquisition approach

Use outdoor advert

Outdoor advertising simply means out of home advertising

This type of advertising is the one you see on those billboards beside high traffic highways

However, some businesses and companies do take this to a whole intriguing level by

Portraying their brand info on street walls, asphalt, banner, flowers, parks, seats, and more

You may search the term on google “outdoor advertising”

Pinterest has the most collection, you just need to be creative with it as famous brands implement the strategy

You don’t want a subpoena or letter from the court for making it annoying

It’s one of the most effective advert models with huge ROI [return on investment] and often a one-off investment, as you’re exhibiting your electrical service directly to a local audience

Invest in SEO

SEO [search engine optimization] is the most competitive form of marketing

Yet, it comes with compound interest benefits

How profitable it is to keep ranking your website locally for electrical service search terms

It’s a competitive game, almost every environ is already ranking for your targeted keywords but with quality content marketing that appeals to Google and investment in backlinks, you could rank your electrical business among the rest on Google SERP [search engine results pages]

Use hashtags

Hashtags are words or phrases that help categorize posts, increase engagement and also pull in followers to your social media brand

To use hashtags, you need to sign up for a social media account [Facebook, Twitter, or instagram]

Imagine getting thousands of views on your post without a following or audience, that’s the power of hashtags

Create your electrical project, work, product, then add a related hashtag to the post

i.e your recent project, then you can type the # icon, then add electrical to it, the social media engine will offer multiple # tags phrases, for you to pick

Here’s the crucial part, hashtags can make or break your marketing, you need to avoid getting your engagement curtailed by social platform algorithm by marginalizing the number of hashtags per post

Business directory

Business directory simply means an index of businesses and companies listed by the industry for brand awareness and huge visibility within a particular niche, location, or category that enables potential clients and customers to seamlessly locate your business and contacts

Claim your free afriwebmaster page today for more clients & customers


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