How to start a successful delivery logistics business in Nigeria

How to start a successful delivery logistics business in Nigeria

A popular marketing influencer once added transportation (logistics business) to his billion-dollar industry list

Guess what? He was never wrong as he further defines how high in demand transportation is in our day to day lives from goods delivery to human transportation

A popular marketing influencer once added transportation to his billion-dollar industry list

Guess what? He was never wrong as he further defines how high in demand transportation is in our day to day lives from goods delivery to human transportation

Transportation industry is wide enough with developed branches whereby “delivery business” is one and also known as “logistics business” “courier services” and “Freight Company” respectively

If you find a way to help people or companies handle their inventory better, you’ll surely be rewarded handsomely, which is the primary purpose of this guide [inventory], with a few questions to complement the move

  • How genuine is your logistic company?
  • Why should clients or people choose you?
  • What does your offer look like?
  • How equipped are your employees and tools?

Let’s quickly see how these questions boil down into the steps to start a successful logistics business in Nigeria, as the transport business can never get saturated unless you’re not a hungry lion in this line of business


What is a logistics business?

Logistics simply means the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the effective flow and storage of goods and services and related information from point of origin to point of consumption in accordance with consumer requirements

How profitable is logistics or delivery business in Nigeria

The holy trinity of all business comes in 3’S

  • Strategy
  • System
  • Structure

You cannot achieve or sustain success in any business without perfecting them

Mastering these 3 elements is your key to a successful delivery business or logistic business in Nigeria and literally other businesses around the world, to keep getting an inflow of money day-in-day-out, even if you can’t lift a finger for months or you just decide to take a vacation

Because it’s next to the perfect system put in place for its counterpart [ecommerce business]

Delivery business and eCommerce work in synergy and as long as eCommerce business keeps the exponential growth, earning of potential customers per time with improvement in your delivery efficiency, there is endless to how much you can earn in logistics business as just 30 clients can put you on absolute millions of naira benchmark real quick with 1,500 deliveries

Now, what are you going to do to kick start your delivery business journey? Start with mode of operation

Step 1- mode of operating your logistics business

You need to know your intended level at which you’d operate beforehand, is it bus or motorcycle level, Interstate, or intra transport?

Would you like to start out as a transporter, contractor, or agent? You should know all these before you get your head in the game

You need your personal vehicle and a driver’s license to operate as a transporter while you need non, giving an agent a role a shot, but rewarded in commission from a concluded percentage from freight fee

In addition, the contractor’s role put you in a managerial position from getting contract and connecting transporter to clients, except for handling the wheel, and you can be all if you want to [agent, transporter, and contractor] depending on your ability and schedule

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Step 2- Get sufficient capital for your logistics business

As far a setting up a business is concerned, am not a fan of bank loans, just count me out

It’s okay to reach out to family and friends, religious microfinance cooperatives, as these sources barely place interest or attach stringent to the favor

An investor can also spread their wing far wide into your business idea if you perfectly sell yourself through how they could get the most of their money with a persuasive delivery business plan

Otherwise, get or stay at your 9-5 job until you’re flamboyant enough to garner around #400,000-#500,000 for the dive

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Step 3- Register your delivery business with CAC

A registered business portrays credibility and unlocks access to more opportunities

You’d agree with me that some companies or high profile businesses can’t entrust their shipment to an unregistered delivery service, thus curtailing the logistics service in question client base or luck

We all know how tedious it is to get a loan from microfinance agencies

Big names in the industry now advertise how they constantly lower the loan approval bar to become more relevant in the field while the upcoming are already tapering down the same rigid policy to pull in more patrons

You should know not all have completely adhere to this likewise other humanitarian establishments that could be of great help to your logistics service existence

Register your delivery business with the corporate affairs commission to break unnecessary barriers for your business alongside acquisition of few licenses and permits from the government to prevent law enforcement agents drama

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Step 4- Get an office for your delivery service

You need a spacious apartment to establish a physical presence and your automobile [vehicles & bikes]

it’s ideal to always have a physical presence for this kind of business to bolster clients trust and attract other relevant bodies that will be of significant cog in your establishment wheel

Step 5- Create a website for your logistics service

Yes, the essence is to get clients shipment down to their doorstep, yet a website can be a boon to your business movement

It tells more about your business than a business card, that is, you could cover a lot about your business [description, offices, image] and more

Bonabecks is a web design agency that could help you set up cost-effective delivery/logistics website within 72 hours frame

Step 6- Hire staff for your delivery business

This is no brainer, but I recommend skilful if not experienced employees

You can’t be at different places at a time, however, it’s still okay to take multiple roles before the appealing results start smiling upon your bank account

Step 7- Get all the gears for your delivery business

A mobile phone is paramount to establish communication

A bike equipped with the box to house shipment/product is still okay as per your little budget, aside from being cost-effective, it’s also easy to quickly navigate heavy traffic congestion

Below are other necessary equipment for your logistics service

  • Computer system
  • Dispatch box
  • Accounting and other software
  • Stationery

Step 8- Market your delivery business

The success of every business heavily rest on Its exposure to more target audience or people

This is why they say rich people reach more people, you need more eyes on your business beyond your physical location or few relatives that hear about it, that’s why you need to shine more lights on your logistics services with the below medium


Never, forget to get a good graphic designer to help design your delivery company brand logo into a sticker, then slap it ruthlessly on your delivery truck & bikes for free promotion, if you can also afford a paint job, let it drip

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Step 9- Get a receipt for your logistics service

For every delivery, you need a hard copy for the signatory to sign on as a reference for successful order delivery

You can’t wait for anything like the best time to start was yesterday, the second-best time is today

There will never be a perfect time to get in the game than now, someone somewhere is waiting to be your potential client

Would you leave them all to the next action taker or start building your client base with the first client hastily waiting for your service?

See you at the top!!!

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