Handworks to Learn in 1 Month and start making lots of money

Handworks to Learn in 1 Month and start making lots of money

Are you tired of being unemployed or you don't like your current job and wish to start making money with your hand in less than a month? This post will demonstrate twelve basic handicrafts that you can quickly learn to a high level and use to start earning money.

One of the coolest methods to make money is through handiwork, particularly in urban areas where a high population density means a high volume of consumers.
Many manual labourers in Nigeria earn more each month than the majority of paid workers. Due to a lack of documentation on their profits, they are ignorant of this.
We have low expectations of Nigerians who perform manual labour as a result of how they present themselves to us. Including how we see things as well.

It's important to remember that it's not about what you do, but how you do it. This is one reason a new generation of Nigerian artisans and craftswomen are turning their handiwork into multimillion-naira enterprises.
Artisans and craftswomen who excel in their skills are in high demand all the time. They are always busy and demand a high rate to make more money. They stand out from the rest.

Nowadays, it's normal to see someone establishing a side hustle or full-time business and progressively increasing it. In Nigeria, most people opt to establish a skill-based business because the initial capital is much lower than for product-based businesses.
However, not everyone is born with the ability. They must choose one and study it if they require hard skills such as handwork.

If you're unfamiliar with the term "handwork," allow me to explain it to you in simple terms.

What exactly is handwork?

Simple definition:- Handwork is work done by hand and not by machine
Handwork simply refers to jobs or crafters who work with their hands and require certain skills and experience.
The hand does entirely handwork, except for a few tasks that need the use of machinery.
Hair barbering, plumbing, tailoring, cosmetics and costuming, shoemaking, woodwork, phone repair, and hair styling are all examples of handwork.
Some hardworking are more capable than others.
Here are twenty fantastic Handworks you may learn in Nigeria in a month and earn a decent living from.

As mentioned, I'm going to provide a list of 12 traditional Nigerian crafts that you may learn to a basic level in a month and begin doing to earn money.

Top 12 Lucrative Handworks to Learn in 1 Month and start making lots of money

Let's get started:

Hair Barbing

1) Hair Barbing

According to Wikipedia A barber is a person who primarily cuts, styles, grooms, and shaves the hair and beards of men and boys. A “barbershop” or a “barber’s” is a facility where a barber works. Barbershops are also social gathering spots and forums for public debate. We sometimes use barbershops as public forums. They are gathering places for open debates, public concerns, and citizen participation in discussions about current topics.

Haircuts are a must for every male and some female in Nigeria at least once a week. So, no matter how many barbershops we have, it still doesn't seem to be enough for the approximately 100 million guys who need their hair cut weekly. 

You just need a month to learn how to barber, but you'll be a lot less sharp after that. A haircut at a barbershop costs a minimum of N200 Naira. You can make a lot of money barbecuing if you increase it by the number of people you barber each day.

Learn to Barb — Spend a month or more learning how to use the clippers, which is learning how to barb. As a barber, you are an artist! Learn to use a clipper, but also master the technique of haircutting; for example, outlining the hairline with a razor and trimming.

Hair Dressing

2) Hair Dressing

Whether you're the one making others look good or you're the one making yourself look good, they say that looking nice is good business. Women are willing to go the additional mile to make others jealous and beautiful. Many women place great importance on the style and quality of their hair since it is one of the few body parts that have the power to either enhance or conceal their natural attractiveness. When it comes to the hair salon industry, here is where it all begins.

Hairdressing may be learned in less than a month and you'll look like an expert. If you know your balls, you can make money in this company.

The Nigerian make-up and hairdressing business employs many experts and is only expected to grow in the future. There is no foundation for comparison because they have all contributed to the industry's current excellent status.

Cosmetics and Makeup

3) Cosmetics and Makeup

Nigeria has a thriving cosmetics sector. Make-up is one service offered in the facility. When it comes to attending gatherings, women and ladies cannot afford to not look their best. They do their make-up for trips and parties.
If you knew how much people spend on their faces for certain events, you'll be amazed. I know this because I used to have a client who made it a point to go to one party or event every weekend, and she constantly spends money on cosmetics whenever she accepts a party invitation.
In a month, you can learn how to apply makeup. To master the technique, you attend a cosmetics studio for training or watch YouTube video lessons.
Self-taught makeup artists make up a sizable percentage of the makeup industry. For practice, you use your face and that of your friends. You'll be a professional before you know it.
You may earn money using this ability by providing make-up services to others. You might also make money by selling cosmetics. In Nigeria, you don't need to rent a shop to get started. You have the option of becoming a mobile artist.
People may easily schedule your service online, and you will come to their location to assist them. You may make reservations using an online platform like Fresha, and your Instagram feed will function as your portfolio.
It will always occupy you with work if you are exceptional at what you do and consistently provide excellent service to your consumers.
Because individuals usually beautify their faces on weekends to attend parties, makeup is a wonderful side job to have. If you work full time, weekends are spent hustling.

4) Making beads

Making beads

Many things can be made with beads, including purses, wallets, centre table boxes, wall hangers and pen boxes, just to name a few examples.
These tiny ornamental pieces come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can make this thread-able bead out of a variety of materials such as glass or plastic with a little bit of stone.
Beading is a basic skill that you can learn in a month. Technically, there isn't a whole lot to it. To succeed, all you need is a positive attitude and a desire to keep learning.
After completing the necessary training, you can begin making beads-based crafts. You can learn how to bead from an industry expert.
You can, however, learn for free on YouTube by watching video tutorials and applying what you've learned. On Superprof, you can hire an expert and pay him or her by the hour if you're unsure about something.
With a little bit of imagination, you can learn this handwork in just a few weeks. A decent salary can be earned either part-time or full-time if you get good at it.


5) Repairing wristwatches

Repairing wristwatches as handworks
In Nigeria, people wear and repair wristwatches. In Nigeria, you may learn how to repair broken wristwatches in less than a month.
Wristwatch repairers replace worn or broken components with new ones. They replace the wristwatch's face glass cover with a new one. Also, replace customers' batteries. Then replace worn-out bands with newer ones.
In a month, learn handwork, acquire repair equipment, and begin mending for others while earning money.
Selling wristwatches and components, as well as instructing others who wish to learn the handwork, are other ways to make money from this handwork in Nigeria.

6) Tailoring/Designing for the Fashion Industry

Tailoring Designing for the Fashion Industry
Nigeria's fashion industry is growing and attracting attention abroad. Demand for locally made apparel is growing as indigenous businesses alter the narratives.
To produce dresses for particular occasions, people need the help of tailors and fashion designers. To change recently purchased clothing, they also need a tailor's services.
The time when you had to be an expert tailor before working in the industry is long past. All that's left to do is learn how to make shirts, kaftans, or trousers, and once you get the hang of it, you'll soon be producing clothes for sale.
Some tailors just make shirts and pants for the office. They properly package them and make a profit by selling them to private customers. You can decide how much of the skill you want to learn in a month.
If people realise you specialise in making a particular outfit rather than producing clothing in general, they are more likely to buy from you. Our time is highly specialised.
Tailoring and fashion design may be learned in a month in Nigeria. Apply for an apprenticeship at a busy fashion designer store or enrol in a class at a fashion school to learn about the tailoring industry.
A tutor can be hired through Superprof if you are a busy person who does not have the time to study this way. You can learn in the comfort of your house. As mentioned in their profile, professional tutors are compensated hourly.
It is possible to become a well-paid dressmaker in a month by studying and putting your skills to the test. The ability to sew for a short period does not preclude earning money by helping others sew their garments.

7) Photographic techniques

Who doesn't enjoy keeping memories? Photography is one handicraft that can be learned in a month and used to generate good money.
Photographers use cameras to capture images to communicate tales. They keep track of occurrences for future reference. Photographers require professional equipment, creativity, and knowledge to generate high-quality photos.
It is possible to be educated by a professional photographer and exposed to handwork in Nigeria in less than a month. You may learn photography on your own by viewing YouTube classes on the subject. In Nigeria, some of the best photographers are self-taught.
In Nigeria, you may make money doing this type of service by recording memories for clients. You may also provide instruction for individuals who wish to learn if you are competent at what you do and like it.

8) Repairing laptops

In a month, you can learn the basics of how to repair a laptop. Laptops are one of those items that we can't live without, especially for those who use them for business.
The laptop develops flaws. The screen is broken. Unexpectedly, a component of the laptop may cease operating. To get it operating again, we'll need the help of a repairman.
Enrol in a workshop for training. This will offer you a lot of hands-on experience in how to repair a laptop. You can continue learning online once you've completed your basic practical training. You may enhance your proficiency by viewing instructive video lessons on YouTube. The iFixit channel contains excellent instructions for people of all skill levels.
You should also know you will never be a complete master of laptop repair. What exactly do I mean? Now and again, new goods are released. The state of technology is improving. There is always something fresh to learn.
Make Google your buddy, since it's the tool you'll need to find solutions to the problems you're working on. And anything else in repair that you don't comprehend.
If you are competent at what you do and provide the greatest service, this handwork may earn you a lot of money.

9) Interior painting

This is, without a doubt, the simplest handwork on the list. This handwork is ideal for you if you have a steady hand, a strong eye for colour, and are calm to some extent. You can study it in three weeks and be a proficient painter by the fourth week.

In Nigeria, people seldom move into a new home without painting it. Using colour enhances the beauty of the home. Apart from new houses, individuals like giving their flats a fresh coat of paint every year, and they require the services of a professional house painter to do so.
In Nigeria, you may learn this handwork in a month and start earning money with it.

10) Making a bag

In Nigeria, bag manufacturing is a lucrative handicraft. Ladies, Learning how to produce bags in Nigeria is not a mistake.
In Nigeria, bag manufacturing is one of the simplest handcrafts to master in a month. Begin with being taught and gaining the tools and then manufacture bags to sell to individuals and shops.

11) Phone service

Millions of Nigerians are currently using their cell phones. The importance of cell phones cannot be overstated. Technology has changed the way we do business, work, travel, and communicate dramatically since its birth. We can't imagine getting by without one in this day and age.
Anyone willing to put in the time and effort can learn how to fix a phone in a matter of weeks. It's currently one of Nigeria's most lucrative crafts.
Hardware and software repairers of mobile phones are two distinct professions. Phones with software problems are fixed by software repairers, but phones with physical damage are repaired by hardware repairers.
There are three basic sorts of mobile phones: basic phones, feature phones, and smartphones. Android and iOS are the two most popular smartphone operating systems, as you may have guessed (iPhone).
Repairing phones is a popular pastime among consumers. Decide between the two and become well-versed in its repair. Learning how to fix a vehicle can be done by watching YouTube tutorials.
iFixit, a popular YouTube channel, makes it easy for anyone to learn new skills. Google is also your best buddy when it comes to repairing your cell phone.
This labour has helped many Nigerians, and it's never too late to get involved. You'll see a rise in revenue when you deliver exceptional customer service.

12) Cake making: 

Another handcraft that you may master in Nigeria in a month is cake making. The cake is a baked dish that is produced with flour and other ingredients.
Cakes are appropriate for practically every occasion. Whether it's your anniversary, wedding, birthday, goodbye, reunion, or any other event, the foremost presents that spring to mind are mouth-watering and delectable cakes.
Nigerians adore getting together with their friends for a good time. Within a month, you'll be able to master the handiwork. Make a name for yourself by becoming an expert baker.



In Nigeria, you can learn and perfect a variety of money-making skills in as little as one month.
In terms of education, they are not all the same. Due to the fact that all manual labour is considered neutral, your efforts are required in order to be successful.
Get what you want by doing things the right way.
What other handicrafts do you know about, or do you have a different perspective on the ones listed? '

Please leave your opinions in the comments area below.
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