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How much does African blogs pay writer: is there better offer?

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How much does African blogs pay writer How much does African blogs pay writer
I presume you opt on this article because you want to embark on writing’s journey but faintest idea of pay rate or thinking if your wages as existing writer cut it

I presume you opt on this article because you want to embark on writing’s journey but lacks faintest idea of pay rate or thinking if your wages as existing writer cut it

In a world whereby writers are underpaid, you should expect around $5-$10 for 1000 words count article

While am not a bearer of bad news, some online writing models contradict the figures anyway, which is why the topic solely revolves content writing

Furthermore, figures may widely vary due to crucial factors like writer’s qualification [experience, reputation, online presence] and the kind of project offered

Writers are commanding $500 or more per article, albeit those offers do not come from this ecosphere, Do you think your writing skill and potential have outgrown your existing earnings or what you are about to charge as a beginner

Run through the discussion to ascertain how much your expertise lives up to your expected rate before using the preceding sections

How compelling is your writing skill?

If your writing is grammatically correct, free from typos and fully interpolated with the required humour, next course of action is how you concisely incorporate your message or solution into an article in details

Thinking you are not a native English writer? Hundreds of thousands of non-native English writer are entertained by native establishments [blog, site, companies] they have been featured on high authority blogs [forbes, huffinghton, wired] not how or why but the fact behind it, is the next point

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How deep is your research?

A webmaster who does not accidentally wind up on blogging, but has a profound knowledge of how it works won’t allow you to contribute nor do a guest post on his 7-day old blog with entry-level article, let alone the aforementioned blogs

Quality [indepth, rich-media] content is the impetus behind the acceptance of a writer by clients

How much effort can you apply for a better writing job offer?

If you are already in the league with the above attributes but need to up your game, just take the word not only as a revelation but also as a catalyst that should stimulate you from using your status as leverage to seamlessly implement the needful

How do you get a better writing job offer?

Job boards

As a writer or professional writer to be, job boards is a platform where employers and webmasters exhibit writing job offers to the hireable applicants, below are the prominent boards around

Blogging pro

This is not only worth given a try but thoroughly screened job ads on the platforms are offers free of fraud from serious employers


Do you have a LinkedIn account? Tons of writing job offers awaits you in the job section with easy to use filter options to handpick your desired gig by employers


Most jobs are from authoritative establishments portraying reliability and exclusively for writers who are aren’t lurking around for monkey business

Flex jobs

While the job board is a pay-to-play platform with three different subscription options [one-month, three-month, a year]

Squeezing out a few dollars, as low as $4 would definitely be worth the cough up with multiple categories

Over 50 new job listings per day to choose from, and the ability to set alerts on the related or desired job when pasted

If you are literally on rock bottom with an unattractive budget, your best bet is to choose the aforementioned job boards as a stellar alternative

Do cold pitching

Cold pitching simply means reaching out to bloggers, agencies, or companies upon your request

It’s a game of numbers, the more doors you knock the better your chances of filling up a space

Incorporate the below tips into your pitch to optimize the efforts

Explore the web for your desired blog/niche

This is proven to give you the flexibility of reaching out to sites that perfectly align with your style or expertise

The subject of your mail

A weak subject like [blank subject, application for a writer, hi, hello] could get your mail ignored or sink into oblivion alongside unopened mails

You are dealing with a strong establishment with hundreds of emails on a daily basis

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Use eye-catching words, even if it sounds counterintuitive or controversial, remember it’s just for you to earn the attention, you can start pledging your competency right after the view/click

Ensure getting one of the authoritative names in the organization to weave into your subject line, just to show how much you put into knowing the people you’re dealing

Give a concise description of yourself

Apply little info on how you could be of help to the establishment

What to show when applying for a writing job

When your pitch has been reviewed, but calls for a link to some of your articles online, to verify your credibility

As a beginner, without any footprint or sample on the server, you can make use of the below online publishing platforms

I recommend medium due to its high engagement rate and visibility in the blogosphere

Sign up for an account, and follow the best practices for writing on medium

Craft your best and shareable content on the platform to exhibit your writing skill or apply the next point if you really want to turn things around more

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Use your website

Dragging your blog/website into this, it’s the niftiest approach that would enhance your blog growth and land you a high paying gig by creating a “Hire Me” page that perfectly reflects your writing skills in detail on your blog

How to be financially free with writing jobs

Skipping my personal experience would render this piece incomplete, you may be driven here by search engines, another reason could be trying to ascertain if the rate to expect when you land a writing gig in the tier 3 continents [Africa precisely] is cool, or verify if the rate from the webmaster is not a rip-off

Despite the handful figures you roughly estimated through the sponsored articles, affiliate, ads flying over visitors face on the blog with few writers to settle

No hard feelings, he was once like you what majorly set him apart is, he found a similar article, leveraged on it, gained its momentum while keep working tirelessly until the level is attained today

When I was starting out, I ransacked the web, saved pages for offline reading to enrich my knowledge and ideas, and completely got what prepared me for the battle by somewhat leaving few stones unturned

I didn’t study webmasters quite enough, they only come to the scene once in a while, maybe a post in a month to handle other aspects [seo, outreach] leaving the writing to the authors

However, I studied writers especially those without blogs, existing in the blogosphere for so long, bagging two or more blogs authorship with top-notch consistency

I adore their top of the line lowdown, fear their posting frequency, but I want to be better

I want to strictly decide my figures, I want that cheddar rolling in even when I can’t handle a pen, paper or access the internet whenever am emotionally down or medically unstable

Even if it comes with a slight dent in the next withdrawal amount

An email from one of the sites I pitched for a writer post arrived with part of the line [I have $3 to offer for 1000 words long article], which was not the exact figure but rounded up to the amount

I quickly slogged through my smartphone menu to fire up a browser and access the search engine to input my plight, being the major inspiration behind this article

I waded through web pages only to confirm, it was a fair trade, compared to the figures in the mail

I broke down for a week, my plan for the week on numbers of targeted articles to cook up and stow for my dream blog was grounded

Aside from getting disappointed with the tip, my anticipation was at least $20-$60 or more for 400 words article, based on what foreign market and establishment offer writers, to get my articles published on a paid hosting package from returns on a few posts

Before wishing to hit the webmaster on the head, allow me to show you his little side of the story

For reasons, you should know those contextual ads earnings from a specific amount of traffic exhibited by the popular influencers are a different story entirely compared to the black continent monetization dashboard’s figures

Low CPC:  cost per click also known as pay per click [ppc] is an advertising/earning model that depicts the amount you earn per click on an ad right from your website as a publisher, which is determined by a variety of factors [keyword, location]

Since location is our uttermost concern, the least you want to know is African countries have low purchasing power over the web, which causes unattractive returns behind massive visits to webmaster landing pages [blog] compared to higher CPC web establishments across the seas

Fierce competition: if you have been around for a while, you should see how saturated the SERP is with authoritative blogs from abroad when searching for some keywords

They flood the SERPs that even African authority blogs find it hard to secure a significant spot on the second page

Why? one of the reasons is, there are few across the board, as at when writing this article, name it [news, forum, technology] and other niche sites, the credibility of websites from search engines perspective are approximately lesser than 1000 websites with 80+ domain authority [DA] in the ecosphere

Search market: according to research, the search engine market share in Africa hasn’t stopped revolving around google search engine at 97.02 % against others, this means lesser income for webmasters, which they are personally dealing

I also clamored to absorb two things when I earn a writing gig, authorship experience and an easy backlink to my future blog with the authorship account, but everything just came too fast with the digits from the mail

The courageous part is, I braced up and got back to my research pushing out more, as I preferred pulling as low as $30 from my blog in a whole month than slaving away my time for a peanut which is going to make the webmaster 10x the amount made out to me in two months time frame or lesser

More so, if you are pleasing your source [search engines] and using other channels to promote your blog, there will always be an increment along the line

If you have come this far, your eagerness has proven that you are not a lazy internet marketer that only want to depend on SEO

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The question is now what are you going to do?

To make a living or make most of your writing job efforts

The bitter truth to some folks would always be the most profitable route to writing jobs is to make an intensive research on how to start your own blog, or use my article on frequently asked questions and ideas for newbie blogger as a navigator alongside the below elements


As at when crafting this article, am the only one ranking for this keyword [what African blogs pay blog writers] in the globe despite the myriad of SEO influencers out there with a handful of contents hitting all the edges of SEO in the blogosphere

If you know the major role that bulky word’s count plays in an article if some of the influencers decide to do just a few hundred words article with related keywords on their authoritative blog

They won’t only torpedo this article from its position in the SERP but completely muscle it out to the second page

Sincerely, I may be one of them with the knowledge accrued so far, but still no closer

The point is, the zeal to make changes and improvements, made me think far ahead to answer and solve a problem for people entering the query around the myth into the search field with vague or no relevant answer in returns

Suspend the competitive ones on other blogs, based on life and occurrences in your environment alone, if not millions, there is hundreds of thousands of keyword/article out there that could fetch you thousands of daily visits from people searching for some terms in your neighborhood without relevant result in the SERP to care for their expectation, waiting right there to be researched and published by you

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Think of an idea to incorporate into your company

Am planning to up my game by incorporating a life & tech discovery section similar to the forum that will come up once a week [Sunday] to this blog, to share ideas on inventions, life, and how science & technology have changed the universe as the name suggests, all for increment in visits think!!!!!!!!!!

Stay in the trend but unique

No matter how competitive the niche or market is, uniqueness make you stand out from the crowd, earning you some special attention [backlink, mentions]

Moving with the trend increases your own portion of the cake with other benefits

How to solve the DStv /govt technical problems is one of my best articles so far

 If any multichoice worker or employee goes through the article, he sure does know how much I deserve a backlink from them

Not because I have the article, but leveraging on the existing trend that has been prevailing for decades in pieces across many blogs with a different theme, mixed up to target multiple keywords through just one article

In addition, using a strategy called skyscraper techniques from brian dean of backlinko to take some burden off their shoulders by helping out their subscribers through possible issues while using their service

I scraped different blogs contents to answer almost all the problems [multichoice] subscribers are having with their products and services

Likewise, how to track MoneyGram payment, I applied the same technique which is not against the search engines guidelines, so long you hold on to your own side of the bargain by staying off plagiarizing and adding more value to your message to keep your visitors coming back

This may keep one version above others from the SERP due to the more answers to liable queries that could be encountered during the implementation of the procedure

Imagine me selling the articles that drive over 3k monthly visits to my blog for a peanut

Let even make it apparent by using figures, the above said articles amount to roughly 5k word counts × $3 per 1k word counts, giving us $15 for the job well done and dusted

Let’s hit the bull in the eye, $10 is the least amount 5k visits could put in your wallet through monetization [contextual ads, sponsored link/article, affiliate] and others

I leave the rest over to you to do the math of the amount I may be losing in a year to come

Am not doing this to make anyone feel any kind of low esteem or degrade the job of the people in question

After all, the least it comes with is, it puts the desired meal on the table, the emphasis It’s all about the effort is just much of a rip off within this boundary

To buttress my point, some writers are receiving a little over $1000 per article, which depends on some factors though but still not here

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Hard work

Another crucial drive behind my ambition and consistency, that pushes my blog to the limelight is the lessons I perceived from a renowned financial influencer

Particularly, how he sacrifices enough on reading and incorporating absorbed ideas from texts and the real world voices into his little company that financially stepped him up

Yes, the competition is tremendously fierce, but not for you to be too lazy to cook up your own version for various factors, like increment in page views which is a signal to search engines that they owe you more, and loyal visitors that do not get fulfilled until they hear your own side of the story

If there are thousands of results for “the best VPN and other competitive search terms, this is to show you each site or blog are different voices dying to reach out to certain audience [customers and clients]

Get your blog its own detailed and concise version with your desired call to action

Earning a living writing gives you the freedom to work at your own pace, convenient time with other hidden benefits

However, the downside is, if you are not disciplined enough to devote much of your time to writing, you may end up losing growth or leave cash on the table, especially when you are starting out

If you treat your blog as a business, with few monthly visits [10k], you’ll definitely rake in more than what most of the average white-collar job personnel earn

The popular content marketing system [wordpress] just made it easier to work on your blog while on the go, with their app on your smartphone

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Nothing good comes easy, during your journey there may be challenges or obstacles

Am happily telling you I did go through some, but I somehow persevered due to determination, particularly the ones that rid me of cash, which I learned so much from, thus turning out to be worthwhile in the long run.

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