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HONESTLY SPEAKING, Ndi-Imo Irrespective Of Our Personal Sentiment, every progressive Nwa-Imo ought to be deeply rattled

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HONESTLY SPEAKING, Ndi-Imo irrespective of our personal feelings or political affiliation, every progressive Nwa-Imo should be profoundly rattled over the ongoing hemorrhaging of our collective heritage by just a few.

These few people described recently as "the cabal of payroll fraudsters who like a leach on the skin of a dog, keep on sucking it to death without care.

Unfortunately, this evil cabal has been part and parcel of government for ages, but its gluttonous apatite has widened beyond the state's carrying capacity and as such the alarm by Owelle's administration and followed by Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha, and the administration at hand.

A worker also deserves his pay and the worst and most cruel government is any government that fails to hold such a wage bill duty.

It is the duty of the government, however, and it contributed to the creation of a joint coalition to ensure that its salaries were received only by the worker who actually work.

Then His Excellency's latest announcement, Most Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma to the disturbing fact that out of a total of 56,000 employees (both state and LGA) only 17,000 people were taken into income tax otherwise known as Pay as you Earn(PAYE)

Both troubling and frustrating is the fact that for ten years now the Pensioners' nominal roll has stood at 30,000, which obviously means no retirements or death.


This is a sure sign that a few yet senseless people feed fat on our collective Commonwealth and at the expense of the common man who continues to bear the damaging brunt of this inhumane act.

This is where I feel confident and wish to lend my unalloyed support to the present administration's resolve to fight this beast and save Imo from this cynical cabal's vicious grasp.

Going forward, I believe that the government should not only block such loopholes, but should go one step further in ensuring that the so-called cartel is unmasked and, where possible, faced with the full wrath of the law,


The Government shall try to find the proceeds from this negative act and to confiscate/reclaim them.

As was rightly pointed out by Kwame Nkrumah at the formative meeting that gave birth to the Organization of African Unity, where the first one charged Africans(ndi-imo) to unite or vanish, so as to proclaim: "No sporadic deed or piecemeal resolution can solve our present issues.

Indeed, there is enough for every man's need and not every man's greed, and when Frantz Fanon described some bourgeoisie as a kind of covetous, selfish and voracious caste with a huckster's mind, he referred to the "Payroll fraud cabal" whose actions denied physical and infrastructural development to Ndi-Imo. Before Imo bleeds to death, they have to be tracked, fished, and punished.

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