(1) DRINKERS-- It can be a metal or plastic tool or equipment used in poultry farms to serve water to birds, it comes in many shapes and types.e.g nipple drinker

(2) FEEDERS-- It can be wooden, plastic, metal materials used in serving feed to poultry birds and it comes in different sizes and shapes.
(3) BATTERY CAGE-- Is a metal cage constructed in a slanting form to allow the roll down of eggs, openings for ceases and feeding and drinking equipment attached to it.
(4) DEEP LITTER SYSTEM-- This Is an act of rearing poultry birds on a concrete floor.
(5) BEDDINGS-- Is a material or substance poured on the floor of the poultry pen, it can be wood shaven, rice husk, sawdust, etc to absorb moisture from poultry droppings.
(6) NDV/LASOTA-- This Is a live vaccine given to poultry birds to prevent the outbreak of new castle disease.
(7) PEN-- Is housing for poultry birds.
(8) BROODING GUARD/PARTITION-- It is a material used to divide or separate chicks in brooding
ding pen.
(9) GAS BROODER-- Is a gas cylinder like material used to supply heat to chicks in brooding pen during brooding.
(10) CHARCOAL POT-- Is a pot like material when filled with charcoal it is used in heating the brooding pen during brooding
(11) THERMOMETER-- This Is a tool used in measuring the hotness or coldness (temperature) of a brooding pen.
(12) TABLE/DIGITAL SCALE-- It is used to measure the weight of the bird, feed or feed ingredients in a poultry farm.
(13) DEBEAKER/ DEBEAKING MACHINE-- It is a machine or manually controlled equipment used to trim or cut the beak of birds to prevent cannibalism etc.
(14) DEBEAKING-- This Is an act of cutting or trimming the beak of birds to prevent cannibalism etc.
(15) DEWORMING-- Treating against worms.
(16) DELOUSING-- Treating against ectoparasites.
(17) MULTIVITAMIN-- Is a tonic or supplements given to poultry birds to replenish vitamin deficiencies.
(18) VACCINATION-- This Is an act of administering vaccines.
(19) DAY OLD CHICKS (DOC)-- Is a term used for newly hatched chicks.
(20) ANTIBIOTICS-- This Is a drug used in poultry farming to treat bacteria infection or disease.
(21) ANTICOCCIDIOSIS/ COCCISTATS-- Is a drug used in treating or preventing coccidiosis in poultry, it can be used in either water or feed.
(22) INCUBATOR-- This Is a piece of enclosed equipment in which eggs are placed and which provides a protective and controlled environment for hatching.
(23) HATCHERY-- This Is a place where eggs are hatched to chicks.
(24) CHICKS TRAY-- Is a tray like plastic or metal material used in the feeding of smaller birds.
(25) PULLET-- A young hen
(26) BROILERS-- A chicken specifically reared and raised for meat.
(27) VACCINATOR-- Is a piece of syringe-like equipment used in vaccinating birds.
(28) EGG TRAY/EGG CARTON--Is a material designed for arranging, carrying, and transportation of eggs.
(29) BIOSECURITY-- Is a safety measure taken for the prevention, spreading, or the introduction of harmful organisms or diseases in the farm.
(30) DISINFECTANT-- Is an antibacterial, antifungal, antivirus etc substance that is used to wash, spray or disinfect the farm to avoid spreading of disease.
(31) DISINFECTION--Is an act of using the disinfectant in the farm.
(32) CULLING-- Is an act of removing or separating sick birds from healthy ones to avoid more spread of disease.
(33) TRIPLE VACCINES (ND+IB+EDS)-- Is a vaccine against Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, and egg drop syndrome given to layers or breeders.
(34) BROODING-- Is an act of taking care of newly hatched chicks providing all they needed for good growth and performance.
(35) POULTRY-- Simply means domesticated bird.
(36) COCKEREL-- A young male chicken.
(37) ROOSTER-- An adult male chicken.
(38) BOILER-- Is a hybrid chicken from male broiler and exotic pullet,it is a dual purpose bird(egg and meat).
(39) DISEASE OUTBREAK--This is an abnormal state that affect the function of part of the body negatively.
(40) CANNIBALISM--An act of eating each other of same specie.
(41) SPECIES-- A group of animal having similar appearance.
(42) MEDICATIONS-- The administration of drugs to animals.
(43) TREATMENTS-- Is the process of curing or treating diseases in poultry.
(44) ISOLATION-- The act to separate sick animals from healthy ones to stop the spread of disease.
(45) STRAIN-- Simply means breed or race of the a particular poultry bird.
(46) SUPER STARTER FEED--Is a poultry feed formulated to meet the high nutritional demand of newly hatched chicks with high protein content to enhance growth.
(47) STARTER FEED-- Like super starter is a high protein feed for chicks of one week old to 4-5 weeks old.
(48) GROWER FEED-- Is a high fibre and energy feed given to birds of high energy and low protein requirements.
(49) FINISHER FEED-- As the name implies is a finishing feed with high energy content and moderate protein for adult birds.
(50) LAYER FEED-- Is a poultry feed formulated to meet all the requirements of a laying bird with good amount of calcium for stronger bones and eggs.
(51) MORBIDITY-- Is a state of being diseased or unhealthy.
(52) MORTALITY-- Is a state of being dead.
(53) PELLETISED FEED-- Is a small,compressed feed for poultry, it comes in starter,grower,finisher feed etc.
(54) MASH FEED-- Is a soft,loose or shapeless form of feed for poultry bird.
(55) SEMI-INTENSIVE-- Is a housing system in poultry farming whereby the birds have access to pen and also have access to outside pen in a fenced area.
(56) SEXING-- Is a process of separating males and females bird in a flock.
(57) SPENT LAYERS-- Is referred to an old layer that stops laying eggs.
(58) MOULT-- Is an act whereby adult birds shed its feathers and stop laying eggs.
(59) POINT OF LAY-- Is a bird that about to start laying eggs.
(60) POINT OF CAGE-- It refers to a bird that is due to be transferred to a cage in preparation of laying.
(61) FEED CONVERSION RATE(FCR)-- It is referred to a ratio in which feed consumed by poultry birds are been converted to meat or growth.
(62) CROP-- Is a sack-like organ located in between the neck and the breast of a bird used in storing feed after eating.
(63) PROLAPS-- Is a condition seen in a laying bird whereby the oviduct pulls out during egg laying in birds.
(64) BROODY-- Is a state where poultry bird or hen is in a brooding form or what to seat on an egg.

Knowing and being able to identify words and terms used in poultry farming system will not only make you a better poultry farmer but also will make you understand the problems and challenges been faced in poultry farming,thereby improving and contributing positively to the poultry industry at large.

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