In-Flight Entertainment on Virgin Australia Flights

In-Flight Entertainment on Virgin Australia Flights

If you're looking for in-flight entertainment on a Virgin Australia flight, you should know that the airline offers a range of options. Domestic flights have the Live2air seatback television, which is connected to the Foxtel in-flight entertainment system.

Depending on the route and aircraft type, this feature can provide you with a variety of programming. The in-flight entertainment systems are easy to use and offer a variety of options.

Entertainment on Virgin Australia Flights

Live2Air is an entertainment system, which offers some movies, but isn't AVOD. Instead, the films are streamed on a continuous loop. It's possible to hire DigEPlayer, a program that allows you to watch many more films and TV shows.

While the in-flight service is not quite as great as Live Foxtel, it's still a good option. Depending on the movie, there are also nine TV channels and a channel of music videos.

For the most part, the movies are available on the Virgin Australia entertainment system. The only negative about it is that it doesn't offer any AVOD. The films are only available on a continuous loop.

The Voyeur magazine has an elaborate chart of city pairs. You can also download the DigEPlayer app to watch more films. AVOD on Virgin Australia doesn't exist yet. It's possible to get Live Foxtel TV on a plane for a fee.


Live2Air offers a small selection of films, but it's not AVOD. Rather, the service is streaming movies on loop. But it's limited in that you can't access the full library of movies or TV shows.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive experience, you can rent DigEPlayer for $15, which plays many more films than the standard Live2Air service.

While it's not as exciting as Livefoxtel, Virgin Australia has six films playing on loop, nine TV channels, and music videos.

Virgin Australia has introduced a wireless in-flight entertainment system, which lets passengers stream content from their phones. It's available on both domestic and short-haul international flights.

Streaming is free and requires an app download for Apple and Android devices. The company has already installed the new technology in 37 aircraft and plans to have all of its planes equipped with the service by the end of the year.

AVOD is an option for the Virgin Australia in-flight entertainment system on the flight, but the service is not as good as Live Foxtel TV.

AVOD on Virgin Australia flights

AVOD on Virgin Australia flights is a great option for passengers. But it isn't available for all flights. Its streaming service offers a selection of movies, TV shows, and music videos.

Music is also available for mobile devices. Some airlines also offer newspapers and magazines to their customers.

However, they don't have in-flight WiFi, but it's not essential to have these services. There are many alternatives that have the same quality and features.

Entertainment source in Virgin Australia flights

A magazine called Voyeur is available on Virgin Australia flights. Its content is thick and reminiscent of Qantas' in-flight magazine. It has a few travel articles, while the lengthy news sections are filled with long-winded company news.

The entertainment guide, inflight menu, and in-flight magazines are all available online. In-flight magazines on Virgin Australia flights are free to download, but you should bring a subscription.

In-flight movies and TV are a great way to pass the time. The in-flight movies are available in a wide range of genres and can keep you entertained while flying. Some people even like to watch TV shows while they're in the air.

Despite these choices, most people prefer to watch something on their laptops. AVOD services on domestic flights are free and do not require an Internet connection.

Virgin Australia's in-flight entertainment is available through an app. It can be accessed through compatible devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads, and tablets. The app can also be downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet.

The in-flight apps are available on both Android and iOS devices. During flights, you can also play games on your iPad. It's not just movies that are available onboard Virgin Australia flights, though.

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