Travel: Experts Top 6 Pick on Solution to Bad/Failed Trips

Travel: Experts Top 6 Pick on Solution to Bad/Failed Trips

If you are just about going for your first travel adventure or you’ve had many others already but still meet some challenges along the way and you’re looking for tips to better your trips.

Guess what, more than half of the world’s population is also in this circle with you. But that ends now.

To be a pro traveler, you’ll need as many tips as you can get your hands on. Not just any tips, but tips from professional travelers from around the world. The top 6 important tips are what you’ll be discovering in this article. let's go: travel

1. Don’t Have a Bad Travel... Plan Travel

The only thing more annoying than coming back from a trip and remembering that you lift the most important detail undone should be hitting your tiny toe on the edge of a steel table.

Nevertheless, it feels very painful going out to do something and not doing it just because your awesome complicated brain decided that wasn’t important. That’s why it is highly recommended that you plan every trip before you start packing your clothes.

It enables you to decide what kind of wear will be needed, and also the equipment or gadgets you need to pack. Planning your trip in detail saves you from engaging in unimportant stuff and solely on the objective that’s going to give you a sense of fulfillment. So pick that paper and pen or that device whichever suits you best and start drafting.

2. Don‘t Be Too Heavy... Pack Light Travel

Take clothes that will be enough for you to wear for two years on a 2 weeks vacation. Well, I don’t know what might be going on in your head, but all those stuff are just going to slow you down and make the vacation tiresome.

Instead, you can try the 123456 rule of packing. one hat, two pairs of footwear, 3 bottoms, 4 tops, 5 pairs of socks, and 6 underwear (plus a bra for ladies). The idea is to pack clothes that’ll be enough for 7 days.

Also, you’ll have to have it at the back of your mind that you’ll be doing laundry along the way. This will make your trip a lot freer than it would be packing all those unnecessary things. The 123456 rule varies according to your travel's purpose, so be sure to modify it accordingly. travel

Make a packing list so you don’t leave anything behind. And ensure all you are packing can work double duties. You’ll also need a backup plan in case of lost or delayed luggage at the port.

3. Try Not to get Yourself into any Trouble... Research About Your Location Travel

Having a little knowledge about a thing or two won’t cause you must. So whenever I am traveling to a particular place, I take time to search about the place and what to expect.

Different location has rules that are quite strange when compared to your current location and you don’t want to ruin your trip by falling victim or such rules that seem to be a norm in your home. travel

A traveler must do one or two research about where he/she is going to before stepping out; to know the dos and don’ts of the place.

4. Stop Wasting your Hard hard-earned money... Check out for Alternative Route (Cheaper & Fun) Travel

Killing two stones with one bird... oh sorry... just switch what needs to be switched, I’m pretty sure you get what I'm trying to quote.

It's a norm to book a flight that’ll take you directly to your final destination. But the only problem is, it’s always quite expensive and kind of boring.

So instead of that normal boring ride, why not take a plane or whatever medium you’re using to a different location first, explore a little, and then board a bus or whatever to your final destination saving you some amount of cash and getting to go visit two places in one trip.

I’ll say this instead “Two bird half stone (if there’s anything like this, but you get my point). So friend, check out for alternatives before booking that ride. travel

5. Give your Body the Good it Deserves... Be sure of a Place Before going to Eat, Sleep, or whatever

At one of my ventures, I went to this very classic-looking restaurant with the hope of having a delicious meal.

Well long story short, I never stepped foot in that place again till my trip ended. From that point, I made it my thing to enquire before going into a place to eat, lodge or what have you.

You need to enjoy fully your hard-earned money thus I encourage you to do the same.

When it comes to local hot spots, you’ve got two options: check it out online or ask the locals of that area. Whichever suits your personality. I prefer the online platform as you can get as many reviews as you need to decide if you should spend your money there or not. travel

You can check out here: hotels, food & drinks, and health centers available in your destination that’ll offer you comfort at its best for a good price.

Free Advice: Do not eat at places designed solely for tourists It is most of the time very expensive and might not even be worth it.

6. Be Your Own CIA Agent... Always be On Guard

I’ll go real straight with this one because it’s very important.

- never use a money waist bag

- never keep your phone in your bag pocket

- do not make it excessively obvious that you are new

- have copies of your important documents

- ensure to have a backup card

- Carry only cash that you will be needing and not all your cash

Bonus: Smile and enjoy your travel.

There you have it easy-to-do Travel Tips, ensure to share with your friends.



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