How to create the perfect email campaign with PosterMyWall

How to create the perfect email campaign with PosterMyWall

Starting a small business can be daunting. No matter how badly you want to play your cards right, you can still end up clueless about the many facets of the game. 

It's a competitive world. So, you must make your voice heard and try your best to stand out. 

This is where PosterMyWall can be of help. It's an online graphic design tool allowing small or big businesses and marketers to customize ads using preloaded templates.

You can use the website to make videos, posters, flyers, and various media content to let the world out about you. Customization is easy; you don't need to have advanced editing skills. You only have to choose from the templates gallery and use the drag-and-drop editor to suit your needs.

What's more, PosterMyWall offers other features you can use to further promote what you've got. These include social media publishing, social media scheduling, PosterMyWall premium subscriptions, and email maker.

Let's learn more about email maker and how you can utilize the feature to make your small voice seem big.

More about the Email Maker from PosterMyWall

Did you know that you can get up to $50 for every dollar you spend on email marketing? However, to experience such an outcome, you need to be smart and use proven strategies in your campaign.

Why do you need to learn about the right strategies? They will ensure that your emails get delivered to the right people. 

The recipients need to open and read the email to have higher chances of the campaign turning into revenue. Your goal is to have an engaged list of potential buyers and have a direct line of open communication with them whenever you need it.

PosterMyWall allows you to design and publish your email, and it's easy. Here's a quick look at how it's done:

  1. Access the email templates gallery

Choose your design based on what the email is for.

  1. Customize the template

Design your email to suit your company and what you are offering to your list. 

  • Add sections. You can segment the content of your email to make the presentation more interesting and clearer.
  • Add a call-to-action button. Make it easier for your recipients to know what to do or how to reach you.
  • Add dividers between sections. Creating space between the texts and images will make your email easier to read.
  • Add margins. Use the Spacing slider to set custom margins to your email.
  • Add a video. This will add spice to your email and make it easier to gain new leads.
  • Change the background. Your email represents your brand. The more visually appealing it is, the more hooked your readers will be.
  • Link your mail to your company's social media accounts. This will boost your online exposure and speed up the process of building your network.
  • Add photos. Images will make it easier for the readers to understand your message even when they only scan it. 
  • Make the price list and product options visible.
  • Preview and finish up.
  1. Publish

After finishing, you can publish and send the email to your list, which you can upload to the site.

Effective Email Campaign Strategies

Here are the strategies to follow when planning an email campaign:

  1. Simple or superb?

PosterMyWall has a gallery of templates with designs ranging from plain to pretty fab. The latter will make you look like a big-time venture. 

While the pretty emails may catch attention and are easier to scan and read, there is a high possibility that they might end up in the Spam box. Gmail, for example, has created a tab for promotions. Most emails loaded with graphics land in this tab.

The promotions tab is not the default tab. Many people would likely ignore or forget about clicking on that tab. This is because they already have an idea that it is filled with advertisements from companies waiting for their emails to be read.

If you are only building your email list, you may want to begin by using plain text emails. This way, there are more chances for your emails to land in the primary tab, where you will get maximum visibility.

  1. Short and sweet

Remember to keep the message short and sweet when sending plain text emails. You need to use a short length of sentences and lots of white space. Use bullets and bold and italicize texts to highlight the most important parts of the email. 

If applicable, you can add memes or gifs to the email to make the connection like you are talking to a friend. Limit it to one per email. They will make your letter appear more personal and less corporate.

  1. Use a legitimate-sounding email address

The deliverability of your email highly depends on your email address. It is recommended to use a branded domain to ensure your emails will get to their intended recipients. It will make your business sound more legit. 

Without a branded domain, your email address will appear like a fly-by-night address. Or worse, it will make the recipients suspicious of whether to open the mail or not.

The email address must also be well-constructed. What you put before the @ sign will contribute to your appeal. It is better if you will use your name at this part of the address. 

For example, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is better than This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and the worst may be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Using info, support, or other generic words before in the sample will result in your email getting into the promotions tab of your recipients. 

Make it more personal by using the name of whoever is responsible for answering the email.

  1. Reply promptly

Make sure you reply to every response you get from your automated emails. This will let you know more about your subscribers and vice versa. This way, you can send out emails filled with graphics and designs the next time, and they will open them no matter in which tab your emails end up.

You have to give them reasons to reply to your mail. For one, you can ask them a question at the end of the mail. Once they reply, delegate someone to check the responses, review them, and answer all the emails.

  1. Follow the 3-to-1 rule

If you want to send out Black Friday ads but are already feeling cringe at the ideas you're coming up with, it may be because the ads sound super "salesy." They do not have to be.

Many email marketers suggest the 3-to-1 rule. It means you have to send out three helpful and value-packed emails to your list before sending out anything that can be considered promotional. 

You have to resist any form of selling until you are on your fourth email. You can start including a call to action in your fourth email. However, you still have to do it subtly and not make it too obvious that it's an ad.

Final Thoughts

You can get more creative with your emails as your list gets more engaged. The good thing about PosterMyWall is that it allows you to upload a pre-made .csv file or create a mailing list within the site. As you navigate it further, you will find more exciting and helpful features to boost your campaigns and make you appealing to your target market.

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