Starting A Football Viewing Centre In Nigeria: 3 unavoidable steps

Starting A Football Viewing Centre In Nigeria: 3 unavoidable steps

Making money off people’s passion doesn’t have to be hard, there’s already a spark in them, alongside vast demand for it

The process only needs to start from seeking your initiative consent and sharing with business-oriented at least if not a practitioner

It was one of the European matches scheduled at 8:45 pm, my brother was discussing with me how lucrative the business could be on our way back home, didn’t you see the crowd? He asked

Am definitely sure the owner needs just 4 of these events with the same turnover to earn my salary

Why was my brother right? The output was around 200-220 viewers, if you multiply 200 viewers by #50 when the economy wasn’t this tough back then, it'll leave us with #10,000

Did I mention 3 different highly sought-after matches were aired on that fateful day?

#10,000 X 2 matches = #20,000

20,000 X 4 match per day = #120,000

It’s easy and simple as this calculation but gets complicated with 2 approaches when you don’t have the disposable fund to setup your football viewing center business alongside a well-defined business plan broken down into the 3 unavoidable steps elaborated in this guide

  1. Business plan

Show me an investment without strategic market research or plan, then I’d help map out a disastrous output

Aim & objective

This is serious business, and this guide is equipping you with how to quickly get off the ground without breaking any business rule unless it’s in your favour

Now, where you want to see yourself in the nearest future

  • Desired income
  • Weekly revenue
  • Expenses
  • Pricing
  • The integrity of your moat

Are all on you


You should have known better by now, that the more the capital the higher the returns on investment and the only way around it, is if you already have few gears or equipment at your disposal to help cut cost against the long haul

  • Generator set
  • Refrigerator
  • Decoder
  • Bench & table

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One of the most crucial factors in setting up a football center is to pick the right location

Ensure it’s a busy environment to get enough leg traffic into your center

It’s ideal to scout for environ with the tertiary institution, where most of your patrons have faint flair to set up the required gears for consumption in their comfort

While you may not guarantee the safety of the crime rate, as far as institution or youth is concerned

Safety from unkempt and hazardous environments that could pose a significant risk to your patron’s health is still within your control

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  1. Things you need to set up your football viewing center


The next course of action after your sweetest location discovery is a roof over the head of your patrons and property

Since your budget is the key factor here, the hall/apartment housing structure may need to take the backseat for the tent housing structure, if your budget is currently unattractive


Either black or whiteboard, this football viewing center equipment goes beyond its purpose

It supposes to display an overview or some info about events

However, you can build or buy more of it, for placement in a strategic position away, with the business name and description to your viewing center for free advert


Most buildings/halls or apartments should have appealing flooring

However, if it’s the other way round in your case or you’re using a tent or casual shelter

Artificial carpet grass might be the best course of action

You may use those sports turf or surfaces [3G grass pitches, artificial all-weather pitches, athletics surfacing, and tennis courts]


This is one of the reasons this businesses model is always in the heart of society

Over 50% of the residents in your neighborhood are consciously aware of football and probably 80% understand it’s football time, they don’t mind the few hours of inconvenience

Get a speaker, connect the sound system to your decoder, then tune up the volume to enhance the commentary ecstasy, to create more awareness for passersby for seamless location


Most of your gadgets work in synergy, the inexistence of one will literally render the other useless or impair the purpose of the entire block

Get and use DStv decoder as your primary decoder for its affordability

You may increase the unit as you scale up alongside welcoming other notable decoders with either a lesser subscription package or a free premium package with little advanced investment


No matter the level of the fun in the atmosphere, someone like me won’t spend the next second in your hall as soon as I start feeling the heat, and so as others

Ensure there’s enough ventilation for viewers, for comfortability

If you can’t afford air condition, ceiling or standing fans are still affordable, it depends on the model and capacity

Nevertheless, mounting a good air conditioner in that hall it's like listing your football viewing center business for more exposure across business directories, give it a shot to see the difference

Generator set

That 5 minutes power outage, switching off the grid to the generator is not only forgivable but ignorable, they won’t even notice it

As far as this part of the world is concerned, depending only on the grid won’t only set your business up for failure but also paint you as a joke to your patrons

A reliable 1.5kva should be your least targeted generator set with proper maintenance and testing prior to usage


Depending on your hall or building capacity, you need enough chairs and I’d recommend wooden benches but ergonomic and upholstered variant to offer comfortability while saving some cash at the same time for its durability, compared to plastic seats


People can be cunning, especially in rural and average environs

Some onlookers may loiter around right from the beginning of the event, hoping to play smart on you immediately the commencement of the other half and as premium viewers often like to get some fresh air after the break, the re-entry is the best chance for the intruders to make their way in 

Issuing out a unique ticket for events won’t only help you spot the paid customers but save you some embarrassment or locking horns with bona fide patrons

Voltage stabilizer

You have to know most electrical appliances in this era can never be restored back to their original condition after disassembling

It’s advisable to prevent these gadgets from power surge or spike than to ignorantly take uncalculated risk daily, losing more when it’s out of your control without a voltage stabilizer at hand


You should know most football junkies find it attractive to watch multiple events concurrently

I’d recommend getting 2 or more TVs with attractive picture quality, affixed to a proper position where viewers won’t have to strain their neck before they get hang of every thrill

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  1. Upselling to scale up your football viewing center

This business could be run with other businesses to create an additional stream of income

Moreso, while these side businesses could take similar plans and approaches as the existing business [football viewing center], placing them side by side has already streamlined the side business

Video game lounge

Regardless of your football viewing center standard, a PlayStation 4 console in a corner of the room could pull in extra digits to fall back on during off-season or off-event

A ps4 fairly used console is around #80,000-#100,000, get 1-2 then apportion TVs with an appealing screen resolution to each

By now, I believe extra gadgets [fan/ac, stabilizer, bench, and chair] that could enliven the video game experience are already in place, literally from football viewing service

Drinks & refreshment

Here’s the part where people pay less attention to in this line of business

football match event takes roughly 2 hours, 90+ minutes of the event [halftime and extra minutes] inclusive is already 120 minutes

Now, tell me who sits for 2 hours long without caring for dehydration

3 packs of chilled sachet water are already setting you up for extra tips let alone Can & bottles

Get a freezer or well-off refrigerator, stock it with assorted drinks, tether chops and snacks to it then watch your income soar per order

Tie these 2 business models to your football viewing center and let us know how it goes in the comments

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