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How to manage heat stress in poultry for optimal performance and increased productivity

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Heat Stress in Poultry Heat Stress in Poultry
Heat stress in poultry is a condition that affects chickens and turkeys and is caused by high ambient temperatures, high relative humidity, and low airspeed in the poultry enclosure, which makes it difficult for the birds to balance their body heat production and loss.

Signs of heat stress 

  1. Panting
  2. Exercising
  3. a weakness that unexpectedly leads to death
  4. Bone degeneration
  5. Water consumption has increased.
  6. Feed intake is reduced.
  7. Egg output is reduced.

Prevention of Heat Stress

Poultry housing should be high roofed and well-ventilated for a free flow of air in and out of the pen. Asbestos roofing sheets are used. Feeding only during cooler hours of the day (early and late hours of the day), reduced stocking density, feeding of lower fat feeds, and a constant supply of clean, cool drinking water are all recommended.

Heat & Stress Management

Heat stress is an environmental problem in poultry, not a disease or infection. The effects of heat stress are always high and noticeable in sick and stressed birds, so to reduce or stop the effects of heat stress in your pen, make sure your birds are healthy and stress-free while serving clean, cool drinking water containing vitamins, electrolytes, and anti-stress drugs.

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    please can you throw more light about ventilation in the birds pen, I thought it's advisable to keep them warm all through, does it mean I should always leave a space for ventilation into their pen

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